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If you like the IOC trend books, you'll love our CD package INTERNATIONAL CITYTRENDS.


ICONS OF CREATIVITY produces a proper package with collected material from Europe’s fashion and style metropolises: 

This so-called INTERNATIONAL CITYTREND PACKAGE consists of thousands of thoroughly selected images taken in cities like Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Munich, Antwerp, Vienna, etc., lovingly arranged on 6 Citytrend CDs per season, sent out according to topicality throughout the season.

This package with thousands of great ideas from Europe's leading fashion & style cities await you and will keep you updated during the actual season.

The most creative shoes, details, materials, accessories, small leather goods, bags, fashion details for women and men, styling hints, advertising, graphics, shop interior design, lifestyle trends, etc. from the major fashion metropolises can be easily searched on these 6 CDs in well organised files.



For ICONS OF CREATIVITY no. 22 autumn/winter 2015/16 book owners: 6 CDs/€ 199,- (net)*

You don‘t want to get a book but you are interested in INTERNATIONAL CITYTRENDS: 6 CDs for only € 289,- (net)*

*Free shipping with in the EU. Delivery costs for all other destinations on request.

Order here and get started in your individual creative process!

Get a glimpse of our Citytrend CDs below and stimulate your appetite for an enormous amount of material that gives you a structured overview of the market, spurring your own exceptional work progress.

shoes for women

Flat shoes

High cut styles

Sandals on heels

Sandals with wedge

Summer flats & flat plateau sandals

Pumps & Sling backs

Casuals & fashion sneakers

Summer booties

shoes for men

Summer booties


Formal Classics

Lace up every day shoes

Sneaker with function

Fashion sneaker from low to mid cut

Bags & accessoires

Tote bags

Shoppings bags

Clutch bags

Shoulder bags & Squared bags

Weekender & Go to work bags

Fashion & Style



Graphics & marketing ideas

Decoration & interior

Vintage world

WE LOVE from Milan