LOGO icons of creativity
autumn/winter 2018/19

"Be curious.
Be creative.
Live your story."


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Move on with our service applications!

  1. Icons of Creativity - FORECASTING BOOK.
  2. Autumn/winter 2018/19 Pantone TCX COLOUR MATRIX with reference numbers
    of all trend themes via free download link for our customers.
  3. Regular NEWSLETTERS, to get a selective taste of future trends.
  4. Expertise with PERSONALISED CONSULTING to develop your path to success.


The work of Karin Grabner and her passion for the shoe business is described as:

“Yes, she is right!” (YSL, Paris)
“Truly deep-going.” (SM/Trade magazine, Germany)
“She is the shoe iconic!” (Burak Uyan/Luxury shoe designer, Paris)
“She is our conscience!” (Think Schuhwerk, Austria)
“Incredible what she did for us. Thanks!” (Hans Schmid/Steffl Departmentstore/The 6th floor, Austria)
“The most successful research on shoes ever.” (WGSN, London)

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