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FORECAST spring/summer 2021 & beyond


Future product development will gain more from real lifestyle expectations than from plain fashion ideas.
Indication and thorough understanding of the spirit of the times is the initial step towards striking the right
chord with consumers. It all revolves around the idea of filtering out the relevant environmental factors
from the overwhelming amount of things happening in turbulent periods of time.

The question standing behind all this is: What is necessary to develop myself, my beliefs, my knowledge
and what will change society really? Style, sense of touch and surface are not sufficient any more.

In our publication we mark the most important trends for the new season & beyond.
See how it's done in Karin Grabner's forecast edition of Icons of Creativity no 33.

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With purchasing the printed version of IOC no33. you will receive:
1. The free e-book on the go.
2. The spring/summer 2021 Pantone TCX COLOUR MATRIX with reference numbers & moodboards.
3. Free newsletter! We´ll keep you posted on current trend developments.


The work of Karin Grabner and her passion for the shoe business is described as:

“Yes, she is right!” (YSL, Paris)
“Truly deep-going.” (SM/Trade magazine, Germany)
“She is the shoe iconic!” (Burak Uyan/Luxury shoe designer, Paris)
“She is our conscience!” (Think Schuhwerk, Austria)
“Incredible what she did for us. Thanks!” (Hans Schmid/Steffl Departmentstore/The 6th floor, Austria)
“The most successful research on shoes ever.” (WGSN, London)

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